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CPD Courses for Counsellors

We offer a range of continuing professional development courses for counsellors. The courses are accredited and designed for qualified counsellors. They are suitable for counsellors wishing to show evidence of continuing professional or personal development for accreditation purposes.

Art Therapy Course

This course is for therapists, counsellors, and other mental health professionals who integrate some form of art making into their clinical work but who do not have formal training in this area. The course provides a comprehensive introduction to practical art therapy approaches, and also explores underlying theory and the history of art therapy.

Assertiveness Course

Develop your assertiveness skills with this accredited online course, including ongoing support from a personal assertiveness coach.

Therapeutic Writing Practice

An online course in writing therapy. Therapeutic writing is increasingly used by mental health professionals in their work with clients and patients. This course aims to prepare students to work effectively with writing and bibliotherapy in a therapeutic context.

Advanced Coach Training

The Coach Training Centre offers a range of specialist courses in coaching, NLP and related areas. All training courses are accredited and include expert tuition. The Coach Training Centre is an organisational member of the Association for Coaching.

Introduction to Horticultural Therapy

It is a 6 module course provides a comprehensive introduction to the theory and practice of horticultural therapy, including many practical ideas and suggestions. The course explores the social and emotional aspects of gardening, and the design of healing and sensory outdoor spaces.

Understanding Dyslexia

The course guides you through the different types of dyslexia and explains how this condition can be identified, as well as considering the challenges it presents. The course includes many practical suggestions for teaching and supporting children with dyslexia, both in school and at home.

Understanding ASDs

This course has been written for parents who have no previous experience of ASDs and are seeking guidance on how best to support their child. It explores the latest thinking on both causes of ASDs and the best way to support children on the spectrum and ensure they reach their full potential.

Understanding ADHD

This 4 module course aims to provide a useful, practical resource for parents whose child has been diagnosed...

Practical Counselling Skills for Schools

This course introduces a range of counselling skills that may be beneficial in an education setting. It is ideal for teachers, lecturers and support staff who would like to develop a clearer understanding of counselling skills.

Counselling Children

This is an advanced course for professionals in education or counselling. It is suited to child care practitioners who find themselves working with children in a counselling or support context. It is also designed to meet the needs of experienced counsellors who require CPD training in this specialised area.

Children and Stress

Many children experience high levels of stress at some stage during their childhood. Stress may be caused by family problems, social or peer issues such as bullying, or school pressures, such as preparing for tests and exams. Over time high levels of stress can lead to anxiety and emotional difficulties.

Preparing to Work in Childcare

This online course provides an in-depth introduction to working in childcare. It is ideal for students who are considering a career in this area but are not currently able to attend a college course. The course is also a good foundation for further study, building up your knowledge of key areas and giving you a head start for the future.